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The studio at The Feral Knot is abundant with frayed strings, wood shavings, plants, and inspiration. Nestled in one of Kitchener’s Historical Neighbourhoods, our homestead is bustling with the creative force of hands at work and play.

The Feral Knot labours to draw the natural beauty of found and reclaimed objects through macramé, weaving and woodwork. The simplicity of the work draws the eye, tying the narratives of folk art to the untamed landscape. For the Feral Knot, the forest floor and lakeshore serve as cardinal inspiration.

Approaching a decade in the arts community of Kitchener waterloo working as a photographer, Tanya has been exploring the wild landscapes of natural fibres, the sense of touch and the endless possibility. She is a registered Social Worker with 20 years experience in education and group facilitation. Wood is Nate’s teacher, following the winding grain by chisel to unseen destination. Together, this couple pack up in to their two-wheeled studio in a 1976 vintage trillium trailer and hit the road for greener pastures.


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